Established in 2003…

In 2003, Doug Bloom founded DAB Ventures to advise CEOs, their investors, and other wealth creators by bringing their focus to the the Four C’s” (TM) which create successful organizational cultures:





DAB Ventures’
Core Values are:

• Find Truth
• Do What Matters
• Make it Rewarding
• Have Fun Along the Way

Our mission is to live these values and to aid you in maximizing these values in your professional AND your personal life!

“Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast”​

– Peter Drucker

Doug Bloom

Founder, Partner, Coach, Pinnacle Guide

the Right Approach.  The Right Experience:

For 30 years, Doug has been assessing, growing and leading early-stage organizations through growth. Throughout, Doug has emphasized: communicating the vision; clarifying organizational values; understanding personalities, motivations and skills to assess leaders and build strong teams; defining “target customer” characteristics; defining the factors which drive revenue growth and profit margin; and identifying and tracking LEADING indicators that correlate with growth and profit.

Doug’s core philosophy is “the players make the plan”. According to Doug, “Our BEST opportunities to make a lasting, positive impact on our organizations is when we hire, fire and assign roles and responsibilities!”

Doug believes organizations set themselves up for failure when they fail to “screen on IQ and hire on EQ”. Doug has made the hiring process a focus during his leadership experiences. He has directly led the hiring process for more than 400 sales, marketing, account management, engineering and operations employees and executives across multiple, rapid-growth organizations.

​Doug knows the loneliness of the corner office. Doug was the CEO of a VC-backed, early-stage, B2B energy-services company which served more than 125 national-brand, Fortune-500, multi-site retail and retail service companies throughout the United States and Canada. From 2006 to 2016, Doug grew the company from ten employees to more than forty at its peak, and from losses to sustainability and an eventual sale.

Prior to RealWinWin, Doug held executive level sales management positions in the Telecom/Internet industry. For a cable-based LEC out of Princeton, NJ, Doug led the doubling of its Commercial nationwide sales and sales operations staffs while doubling revenues across thirteen locations in less than three years. For a SONET-based CLEC with operations in over fifteen MSAs, Doug drafted the plan and grew a regional telecom services sales and marketing group from zero to 40 headcount in a ten-month period which met quota in the first full year of operation.

Doug’s other corporate background includes successful start-up, fundraising, growth management, corporate acquisition, corporate investment, and corporate exit experiences.  His experience includes: energy-efficiency; business software and services; internet services; collectibles; and telecom. Doug’s Board experiences includes private Boards, non-profit Boards, representing investor groups on Boards, and as an executive reporting to the Board.

Doug has consulted with early-stage, privately-held business owners and executives off-and-on for roughly one-third of his career. Doug’s consulting has ranged the breadth of culture and growth challenges faced by emerging growth companies — from the boardroom to the shop floor.  Doug has partnered with leadership teams on: culture (values, vision, and mission); strategy development; business planning and development; fundraising; investment assessment and management; and software design and development.

Doug’s early career includes: software development supporting Pharmaceutical Research, Venture Capital and two internships on Wall Street at a premier investment bank.​ Doug holds an MBA from the Wharton School, an MSE from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BA degree from Colgate University.

Doug Bloom

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